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          About custom clearance

          About custom clearance: 

          1.We will usually declare lower value on invoice to help you save the custom tax. It should be 20USD or 50USD depends on the size of package.Please talk with us if

           you need special value on invoice.

          2. We will use “control panel ”or “electric wire” instead of firing system or ignition on invoice. So please don’t mention any words like fireworks,

             ignition or firing system when you handle the customs clean.

          3.Generally speaking,the DHL will help you handle the customs clean. And sometimes they will pay customs tax for you and then charge when

            they dispatch. Otherwise,you need to pay the tax first and then they will arrange shipping. Please keep your phone or TEL phone available. 

            If they can’t contact with you during one week. The package will be return to sender. It will have very high costs because of the return.